Wednesday, February 9, 2011

9 1/2 Million Dallor Meteorite Found In Woodleaf In Davison County North Carolina ( Found 2-8-11)

Febuary Eighth TwentyEleven a farm man and his two sons and grandson was constructing their land in Woodleaf a town In Davison County North Carolina, they was bulldozering for they're new tractor shed, only 1 foot in the ground they hit a huge boulder, a 8,469 pound boulder! They checked the boulder out after noticing rusty crystal like patterns striping down the sides of it like racing stripes of rust, the grandson said he was studying rocks like this in science class at school he said if a magnet sticks to it he was sure it would be a meteorite, the magnet stuck to the enormus boulder, still unsure if it was a meteorite the ten year old boy takes pictures of the boulder and took a small sample of it and showed it to his science teacher, the scince teacher sent the sample and pictures to the Science Center At Duke University. Sure Enough The Boulder One Foot In The Ground Was A 573,777 year old meteorite! It was the biggest Meteorite found in history, Nobody outside of the state knows about the discovery cause the family wanted this a secret between the people that knows because of personal and privacy matters. Duke University bought the meteorite from the family for an even $9,500,000 witch is Nine Million Fivehundred Thousand Dallors. We don't have any pictures of the meteorite because of privacy. The farmer says that he rememberd the boulder sticking out of the ground a little when he was a young boy but he and his father thought nothing of it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Randolph County North Carolina Meteorite

June 19th 2009 a amazing thing happend to a 15 year old boy from a medium sized county of  North Carolina. The young Corey Jannet was digging a cave for him and his friends to play in in his back yard, in Coleridge a fairly good town in Randolph County North Carolina, 4ft. in the ground Corey and his buddies hit a rock, it took all 4 of them to get it out of the ground, they run and show the Grandpa, Mike Snider, he told the young boys this may be a meteorite cause of the rusty look, Corey's Grandpa called an archeologist they came out to take a look, sure enough it was an meteorite, the archeologist told the boy and his Grandpa they were looking at a large peice of world history, Corey decided to sell it to the archeologist for his future ahead, the archeologist gave the young teenager an even 3 million dallors for the 5,838 year old meteorite that has always been in they're back yard. Many more Randolph County North Carolina meteorite findings  have accurd, the most recent one was in Asheboro, North Carolina on September, 27th 2009 but allover Randolph County all together 18 metoerites have been discoverd exspecially in Randelman and Asheboro North Carolina. Archeologist say their are an estimate of 10,000,000 meteorites in Randolph County, North Carolina. All together that is $15,729,830 worth of metorites in Randolph County, North Carolina. Here are some pictures of 5 meteorites discoverd in Randolph County North Carolina.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

North Carolina HAS Discoverd Meteorites!

North Carolina has had many meteorite finds in the countys listed below,

Alexander County

Anson County

Bertie County

Brunswick County

Cadwell County

Caswell County

Cherokee County

Chowan County

Clay County

Cumberland County

Davison County

Davie County

Franklin County

Guilford County

Northhampton County

Orange County

Person County

Randolph County

Rockingham County

Scotland County

Stokes County

Watauga County

dates of meteorite have been spotted since the late 1700's in North Carolina some that have been found date  back to the year 1234 most meteorite has been found near the Davie County Area, the most exspensive meteorite sold in North Carolina was sold for 3.1 million dallors September, 14th 2005. Archeologist say 32% of the worlds Meteorite is in North Carolina, Only 54 meteorites have been found in North Carolina archeologist predict there is still 95,000,000  meteorites are still left in North Carolina witch leaves the total estimate of 28 Billion Dallors of meteorite to be left in the state. The most recent metorite in North Carolina was found January, 15th 2010 by  Trent Wills of Orange County North Carolina. Below are some pictures of the meteorites found in North Carolina.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Sandrock Meteorite In North Carolina

As many meteorites, they look slick and colorful, BUT you'll be surprised to know that meteorites can look like just plain old rocks in your driveway, This blog is about the sandrock meteorite, it looks just like a sandrock you see in dry land or a really hot territory but the sandrock meteorite will have the same feature as them, the sandy feeling, easily broke, brownish like sand, if you crack a sandrock open and it has a white and blue color like gravel and white-flint rocks and just a regular blue gravel and sparkles all inside, you have a meteorite, the magnet will barely stick and a metal detector will barely give you a signal, the minerals in them are from a diffrent galaxy, the  white you see is a really rare mineral rock that is mixed with earths white-flint and spaces gutama rock, still to this day scientist do not know how earths white-flint got mixed in there with the gutama rock, making this super rare, the blue is a space rock called, jazmein, a ultra rare type of rock, the sparkles you see is like a diamond dust, witch is likely command in all meteorites but the sandrock meteorite has the same looks on the outside just like a regular sandrock, another way to tell the difference between them is that a sandrock from earth has no iron, or any special minerals that would make a magnet stick or a metal detector beep, and when you crack it open, its just brown inside, the picture below is a sandrock meteorite found in Temp Arizona, sadly we have no pictures of what a sandrock meteorite look like on here because there is so less that have been found the lab in Arizona wouldn't crack one open,  We just got the information what the insides are like from the lab. Sandrock meteorites are really rare, and really old, some are over 70 million years old. Only 32 sandrock meteorites have been found worldwide, the only finds of them was in, Eaton Jakablue, Egypt, Arlington Texas, Huston Texas, Temp, Arizona, Death Valley, California and Wilmington, North Carolina. The value of the sandrock meteorite is $650.00 A Gram